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Bruce Milne (Founder)

Hey everyone and welcome to the site, I am the CEO of Evolutionary Lifestyle LTD and created the all-in-one Diabetic + app and lead the Diabetic But Better Fitness Retreats 💪

My Story

I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic when I was only 11 months old and have lived with the relentless disease for over 32 years now. I have lost most of the sight in my right eye and twice been in a semi-coma from both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. One extreme to the other as the thought of losing more sight meant I was taking too much Insulin to avoid hypers which lead to my blood glucose levels rapidly falling whilst asleep and if not for my mom who recognized the symptoms (paralyzed on the complete right side of my body and couldn't move or think) I would not be here today.

Love you always! ❤️


It was only after nearly losing all my sight and having multiple surgeries to save it that I started realising that big lifestyle changes had to be made. And since 2015 I have been exercising and eating healthy which has had a massive impact on my control of the disease. 




Initially, I started this site to focus on exercise and fitness to help diabetics live a healthier life but then realised it's a lot more than simply being active.


It all starts with mindset....every right or wrong decision you make comes from your very own thought process and unfortunately wrong decisions in our case can have life-threatening consequences, making the right decision though will make all else fall into place.


Knowledge, acceptance, nutrition, and exercise done well on a daily basis will make you feel as normal as anyone else 🙌 our aim is to assist you in making those right decisions.

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