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Diabetic But Better Fitness Retreat

Outdoor Fitness
Everything you need to know about our 7 day bootcamp that will change the way you live with Diabetes.
Healthy Morning
Cleanse your mind and body with our 7-day 'Diabetic But Better' Retreat, situated in the rural countryside of Wales. Let us help you recharge and start a new beginning in living the healthiest and happiest life with diabetes.
We'll take you on some unforgettable trails and hikes to see some of the best views the UK has to offer but be warned they may be tough but you're tougher and why should diabetes prevent you from seeing amazing sights this world has to offer.

Wake up and start with calming and refreshing walks to start the day, get into shape with the daily exercise routine and eat to ensure this is all possible whilst maintaining a healthy bg range.

I will be leading every challenge, class, and task myself with a team who are just as interested as I am in finding out how we can help others who are heading towards or have experienced the same issues I had as a Type 1. I will be there to support and push when overcoming is the only option and will be alongside you to prove this.
Whether you're wanting to lose weight, better manage blood glucose, understand nutrition, incorporate exercise into your day to day.... we offer all you need to know and more.

Take a look at the package overview above to see everything included and join us on the next available date 💪

21 - 27 Aug 2023


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