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Daily tasks - start by completing these healthy habits each day and let them build into a sustainable future with diabetes. We'll update this to-do list so that you can follow the right path, start small and then set your ultimate goals.

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Book & Audio Books - again a key part of setting the best future for yourself is learning and what better way than by reading fellow diabetics experiences and successes stories along with mindset and positivity to get you in the right frame of mind to live well, we've provided some great books to start with.

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Influencers - we strongly believe that you are what you read so have set a few good examples of people you should follow online to get the right information about your diabetes and general life success too! Make sure what you read each day is helping you towards a brighter future.

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Music - a very powerful tool in helping all moods, whether you're feeling stressed, down, excited we have you covered with some Diabetic + playlists to drift away to or get hyped! Connect straight to your Spotify account to follow and listen.

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Podcats - there are so many good listenings from other diabetics as well as specialists so it would be wrong of us not to make you aware of them 😊 enjoy some time and most importantly try out some of the advice you hear to help you and your diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes - find articles on anything type 1 related, there is always something to learn plus we will be posting blogs, tips, news etc regularly....anything that we think may help you with your diabetes care and lifestyle.


Type 2 Diabetes - same effort and attention as above for all you type 2's, blogs, tips, news etc we hope to help in any way possible.

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Daily Macros - dependent on your goal (weight Loss/Muscle Gain we calculate your estimated daily calorie target to follow which will give you a guideline to follow when logging your food intake each our food database 

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Meal Plans - already made meal plans for you to simply add (each day macro targets are automatically completed) so all that's left for you to do is select the meal in recipes and follow the instructions! 

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Recipes - regularly added recipes for you to enjoy (all of these meals will be part of the meal plans if you decide to follow them). Fancy something different, check the list often for new and exciting plates.


Health Tracking - connect your Fitbit, Google Fit, or Apple Health accounts or simply select the activity you're doing or about to do to see the calories you're burning and compare these to the calories consumed to get a better understanding where your key focus should be in reaching your health goals.

Exercise Group

Workouts - from house chores to yoga we provide the tools for you to select the duration and intensity (no devices needed to log and share your data with your health care team.

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Training Advice - many may be confused or simply just beginning so we provide many articles on how to get the best out of your workouts to help your diabetes management but most of all what is best and how to perform them correctly/safely.

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Walk with friends

Community Feed - share your experiences, ask for help, chat to diabetics in other countries through the translate feature and make friends who understand what it's like living with the condition. Find any news, events and updates we post right here on the Interactions page!

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Challenges - join monthly challenges and encourage an active lifestyle with diabetes, work your way up the leaderboard in the steps challenge!

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