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Cold Water Showers/Swim to Help Blood Circulation?

Poor circulation for us diabetics unfortunately means a high risk of potential damage to our heart, kidney’s, limbs, eyes and brain which is not something anyone would even begin to register…after all you feel ok now right? Although not quite on top of your blood glucose management?

Key points here are obviously to keep active - check our Why Exercise Is So Important for more info (refer to post number 5)

Another daily routine I have started is cold showers (he says shivering) 😂 but honestly one of the best things I’ve read up on in regards to helping my diabetes.

Your body is forced into working harder to maintain your core temperature as you jump/walk into the cold water and at first uncomfortable but extremely invigorating! By having these cold showers every day it ensures a more efficient circulatory system which as a diabetic is a blessing in disguise.

By bringing the temperature down the body speeds up the delivery of warmer, fresh oxygenated blood and helps the blood move through our body quicker.

For me, not only is this encouraging better circulation through my body but enforces a stronger mindset by having to overcome that thought of knowing how cold it is going to be but still doing it, I believe that this will create a strong mindset that will help me overcome other obstacles I may come across later in life.

Oh and because of the great circulation, it encourages your skin and hair to thrive ladies!

Please be aware It’s not the best of ideas If you are unwell and have flu/cold.... due to the cold temperatures having too much of an impact on your immune system.

TAKEAWAY - It may suck at first but like anything your mind and body adapt and trust me after that shower you will be on full alert

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