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Almonds and Blood Glucose Stabilisation.

Everyones blood glucose fluctuates overnight and for diabetics it’s a thought always in mind when jumping into bed with concerns of Hypo’s (lows) or Hyper’s (highs).


It’s been said that having specific bedtime snacks high in protein, healthy fats and minimal carbs could help stabilise your levels overnight. Foods with these macronutrient indicators can limit blood glucose spikes during the night and a handful of almonds just before bed could do the trick or if preferred walnuts or peanuts.

Now this is dependent on how your body responds to the dawn phenomenon and obviously having the right levels before heading to bed but test it out and let me know how you get on.

Bear in mind this is not for long duration so don’t be disappointed If sleeping more than 10 hours and waking up at 11am with your blood glucose through the roof.

For those allergic to nuts you may find the following foods could help too:

  • Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes or cucumber.

  • Handful of seeds - sunflower, pumpkin and sesame.

TAKEAWAY - If snacks high in protein, healthy fats and low carbs help me sleep throughout…I’m all in!!!


When taking your medication before bed simply grab a handful or 2 of almonds (nuts) it'll become a habit and hopefully make a difference to your levels overnight.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Keep the snack next to your medication.

  2. Straight before or after taking your medicine have the handful of almonds (or alternative).

  3. Brush your teeth and test + monitor your blood glucose overnight.

  4. If it works for you it will soon be second nature and help stay in range!

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