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How do you cope with mental struggles?

I've never in my life said "why me" because there are a lot more people in this world far worse off than me.

I've cried for many things and suffering with something that has the capability to end my life or affect my day to day is something I will always face on my own because the way I see it... only I can make the decision to change and I have to mentally overcome the struggles that come along with it, without making friends or family even more worried then they may already be. I take great pride in knowing I face and win everytime because it helps someone else I love not have that extra stress....because I know even as non diabetics everyone has their own battles and I'd hate to be someone adding to that load.

I think different in this case to most because some may say take all the help you can get but in my eyes if you fight whatever you're going through can damn well do anything on your own and reinforce a love and respect for yourself like no one else can.

This is a very debatable subject and everyone is different so I'd love to have discussions on your thoughts please comment and tell me how you feel.

Get it, face it and overcome it...all of it!

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