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Why Exercise Is A Must!

It is simply one of the key elements to controlling diabetes whether you’re type 1, type 2, pre-diabetes it doesn’t matter and its a fact that exercise makes managing your condition soooo much easier!

There may be a few reasons as to why you’re not doing any but apart from a piss poor excuse that you have diabetes and don’t have energy to do anything or always tired…………that’s the exact reason you feel that way, the sooner you start the better you’ll feel.

To put it bluntly would you prefer

Amputation or 30 mins exercise a day?

Heart Disease or 30-60 mins exercise a day?

What I’m trying to put across is that not only will your life expectancy, happiness, outlook, avoidance of complications increase but you will be a much better person than what you think you are, even though you are already strong for fighting every day 👌

Never use Diabetes as an excuse!!

TAKEAWAY - Overcome any negative lazy thought that makes you feel comfortable and I promise you the relaxing after a workout is not only more enjoyable but more importantly your health was put first and that is something to be proud about 🙌

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