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Weekend Fitness Retreat

Everything you need to know about our 2-Day Fitness Retreat that will help the way you live with Diabetes.
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Join us for a stress-free 2 days of learning and experiencing the incredible surroundings whilst gaining the knowledge to thrive in diabetes management.

To us, everything starts with you and your thought process, the way you look at life, and the decisions you make.... we'll help you break those bad/unhealthy habits, assist and demonstrate how a strong mindset is what makes living with diabetes not as awful as you may think.
Remedies, cooking, workouts, and scenes that will take your breath away adding to the confirmation of the sense of achievement and something to be proud of which will continue into the future.
Yes, this is fitness but its a retreat at the same time...there is nothing better than accomplishing something like climbing a mountain, learning something that will change your life, being surrounded by people who feel your struggles, and then having time to reflect in a tranquil environment  ☀️

I will be leading every challenge, class, and task myself with some help from others who are just as interested as I am in finding out how we can help others who are heading towards or have experienced the same issues I had as a diabetic. I will be there to support and push when overcoming is the only option and will be alongside you to prove this.

12 - 13 August 2023


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