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Positivity & Interaction - A positive mindset is an appreciative one that assists in how you view your life with and without diabetes and determines how you feel each day.

What you think you become and with the right people by your side nothing is impossible so make sure to surround yourself with all the right people to help you achieve your diabetes and personal goals.

The more you interact with these people the more you will pick up on beneficial traits so aim to speak to diabetics doing well regularly or even see them in person and over time you will naturally start incorporating their good habits into your lifestyle.

Always take the positives out of every negative.

We have a condition that can cause multiple life-threatening complications but it forces us to live a healthy lifestyle.

These negatives should push us to better ourselves every day because we know that we have a mindset that refuses to believe that diabetes holds us back. Make your health/life a priority and start by understanding what you're capable of.

Take the time to make you and your mind the most important thing in your life because that’s where EVERYTHING starts.

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