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Nutrition - A fundamental part of staying in your blood glucose range is to eat the right foods which will prevent those nasty spikes and having to take correction doses from incorrect carb counting calculations. Certain foods ie organic or less processed will always have a positive impact on your overall blood glucose readings and this isn't to say you shouldn't have carbs and carb count but it certainly makes life that little bit easier knowing that the healthy food choice you've just eaten will have a beneficial effect on your body and make controlling your diabetes a little easier PLUS if you're training those results will be seen a little quicker too 😁.

Feeling great is something that doesn't come as often as we'd like but one sure way to help increase the frequency of this is definitely to eat more foods and whole foods at that! Eating fast foods and sugar-filled treats is a short fix to instant gratification but a long-term effect on your blood glucose with struggles for the following week after. Enjoy nights out and restaurants but try to limit these and see how much more enjoyable the experiences become because you have those incredible tasting foods less often and they really become a treat and your sugars are not in a constant battle of hypers and hypos!

A strong suggestion is to learn more about what you're eating... that knowledge alone will help you feel better as you'll know that you're giving yourself every chance to live better with a disease that never lets up on you and your blood glucose... every bit helps especially the smallest of things like a simple celery stick.






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