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Support - When you surround yourself with people who understand what it is you feel and go through each day you can not only learn from each of them but form friendships and healthy bonds which will take care of you in times of need....who better to talk to than someone who has been through the same stresses and frustrations.

Whether your newly diagnosed or have had diabetes most of your life you will always learn something new from another diabetic, whether that be a shortcut in doing something or a healthy quick eating habit that improves your management. 

With diabetics being 2 to 3 times more likely to have depression than people without diabetes It's so important in outlining the small things in your life that can make the difference in helping you become the best you can physically and most importantly mentally be.

Having a community of people who can give you suggestions/advice on how they overcame a certain issue with diabetes can make a huge difference, simply having those people to talk to will relieve some stress and anxiety a lot of diabetics tend to build up because of what we have to deal with.

For us having a medical team and people who understand is a must!!

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