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Is to provide a service to all diabetics worldwide by ensuring the day-to-day control of this relentless disease is made as easy as possible.


To do this we offer features within our app to focus firstly on Mindset which is at the forefront of bad decision making which inevitably leads to complications, Education to allow a better understanding of the disease and how to manage it, 2 major features in helping keep your blood glucose in range Nutrition + Fitness are literally life changers in managing your diabetes once you make it habit....a better mindset leads to better Nutrition and Fitness decisions and overall lifestyle.

All alongside a worldwide community of people who are going through and understand the difficulties of living with diabetes.

Check out more details on what we offer in each section below and why they are so important.....

Meditation by the Sea

Mindset - You are what you consume be that food or knowledge and it's been shown that the more someone works on their daily habits....

Education - Knowledge is always the best option when trying to overcome an obstacle, understand and plan for better results....

Open Book
Organic Vegetables

Nutrition - A fundamental part of staying in your blood glucose range is to eat the right foods which will prevent those nasty spikes and having to....

Fitness - Hand in hand both nutrition and exercise contribute largely towards much better blood glucose ranges....

Crossfit Wheels
Praying Together

Support - When you surround yourself with people who understand what it is you feel and go through each day you can not only learn from....

Positivity & Interaction - A positive mindset is an appreciative one that assists in how you view your life with and without diabetes and is the....


What To Expect From Our Fitness Retreats


2 action packed days full of insight and achievements.....all with views!

£475 pp

Weekend Fitness Retreat
2 Days

Check next available dates 

Check next available dates 

Now on Sale

£1499 pp

Diabetic But Better 7-Day Fitness Retreat

7 days that will change your mind, body and diabetes management!

7 Days
7 Days
Now on Sale

Our All-In-One App For Diabetics.

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Diabetic But Better!

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